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This is what you missed if you didn’t swing by my table at Wizard World Portland last weekend.  Photo by my friend and collaborator Jim Berry.  Check out his work here: jimberryphotography.com


Wizard World Today!

AMcC_nonfictionFANTASYLast minute announcement!  I’m spending today at Wizard World Portland 10am – 5pm.  Most of the time I’ll be at Table C62.  Between 1 and 2pm I’ll be signing at the Dark Horse booth.  *I believe* they will have free Dark Agnes prints for me to sign and give away.  See you there!…?

The Dark Agnes image for the exclusive Dark Horse print (Double Dark!):DarkAgnes_Sketch_02

REH’s Savage Sword Issue #7 Preview

Saint Denis deliver me from such tender care as this Hellcat has shown!”

The third and final installment of the origin of the sword woman Dark Agnes appears in Issue #7 of Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword out January 29th.  You can preview pages from the 80 page giant at DarkHorse.com.  The Dark Agnes story is adapted by Paul Tobin and illustrated by me.  Below are the 2 preview pages along with a bonus teaser page (no letters).  I hope to post some of my sketches for this installment in the coming week, so please check back.  Also, I’ll be attending Wizard World here in Portland next Friday (Jan. 24th), and on Sunday I’ll be a doing a signing with a special promotion.  I’ll provide the details when I have confirmation.  Another reason to check back.

SavageSword7_coverREHSS7p1 REHSS7p2*Bonus Page 4 Teaser: DA_Part3_04_RGB


All Aboard!

The Periscope Studio Kickstarter is down to the final hours.  Last call to board the Maiden Voyage!

Here’s a link to a Newsarama Interview, and here’s a link to the latest Kickstarter Update.


Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #6

Dark Agnes_header

Featuring Dark Agnes: Part 2 adapted by the profoundly prolific writer Paul Tobin with art by me.  The extraordinarily prolific artist Francesco Francavilla was at the helm for the art on Dark Agnes: Part 1 in Savage Sword #5, so Aaron McWhothehell?! might be an unpleasant surprise to some.  However, I did make an effort to retain consistency with Francavilla’s first part, and  one advantage in my favor was that this 3 part tale is the origin story of Dark Agnes.  She abandons her oppressive past in Part 1, discovers her “darkness” in Part 2 and …well, I’m not giving away Part 3.  Point being, I think the transitions in the 3 parts can handle a little stylistic deviation.  But, by all means, judge for yourself.  The issue came out a week or two ago, so please pick it up if you like this type of adventure comic.  What do I mean by that, exactly?  Well, the type that gets a little bloody.  But there’s humor here, too, and if it doesn’t immediately come across, I suggest reading it aloud.  Agnes has a voice that is distinct from the run-of-the-mill strong woman role, IMHO.

Here are the preview pages from the Dark Horse website:

rehss6p3 rehss6p4

And here’s another page in appreciation of my blog readers.  (Sorry, no text, though.):

Dark Agnes_Part2_06_RGB_A

Dark Horse gave the blessing for me to show some preliminary sketches, as well:

Agnes_CharacterSketches01 Etienne_Innkeeper_CharacterSHEET_01DarkAgnes_Sketch_01


Finally, the link to the full preview of Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #6.

Please ignore this advertisement:

Periscope Studio Maiden Voyage


Have you ever heard of the legendary book titled “The Studio?”  I’ve only heard of the book myself and haven’t actually seen it, but it collects artwork by Jeffrey Jones, Michael Kaluta, Barry Windsor Smith and Berni Wrightson into a single volume.  Well, that book made a splash in 1979 and became a legend.  I’m going to put my futurist thinking cap on and boldly compare “The Studio” to Periscope Studio’s Kickstarter project Maiden Voyage.  At the $95 pledge level one receives a hardbound volume collecting artwork by 6 members of Periscope Studio, Portland, Oregon: Benjamin Dewey, David Hahn, Paul Guinan, Ron Randall, Erika Moen, and Natalie Nourigat.  Of course there are lower pledge level alternatives, and higher pledges with tantalizing rewards, but either way I hope you consider a contribution to the Kickstarter.  If Maiden Voyage successfully launches we’ll be able to continue kickstarting artbooks by the other members of the studio (myself included), but it all starts HERE!  Thanks for your consideration!

Library Love

I’m happy to announce that The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation made a best of 2013 list, thanks to Library Journal.  We’re on a short list alongside enormous talents like Peter Bagge and Gene Luen Yang.  What an honor!

In addition, I received some pictures of the exhibit in Chicago that I mentioned in my last post.  I wish I could see these large scale prints in person, but the photos will have to do for those of us not in Chicago between now and March 2, 2014.  My thanks to the Chicago Public Library and the Harold Washington Library Center for hosting the show.



Below are pictures from earlier this year, but I thought I’d round out this graphic novel update with a snapshot that Jonathan Hennessey took at the Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington DC Sept. 21-22.  Again, looking at the surrounding books…what great company!


I have more blog posts on a variety of topics coming this week/month, so stay tuned!  


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