Here’s a recent commission of Arthur and Mordred in the last days day? of Camelot.  I discovered a plethora of really marvelous illustration done for Arthur and Pals.  Arthur Rackham, for one, depicted this very scene, although not quite as gratuitous and over-the-top in its depiction so maybe I get some points for that?  Or maybe I get slapped.  Does anyone know if this scene was drawn in Mad Magazine at some point?  Dad?  Below are the pencils for those interested.


Davis and Stephens

Jefferson Davis

Sketches based on photos of the President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis and VP Alexander Stephens.

Alexander Stephens

Strange and Stranger

Here’s something.  A sketch of Dr. Strange after the unique visionary Steve Ditko.  I’ve depicted Strange using his powers over the mists of deep space that exist within shadows, dontchaknow? 

The following sketches are based on characters that my son created.  He drew a couple pages of comics involving these characters.  My son has a wonderful  imagination and a such natural skill.  You can get a little taste of his handiwork at his blog and he loves to receive comments on his artwork.

Maryhill Print Inks

Here’s an image to be included in the Maryhill Museum exhibition of original comic art coming this September.  I’ll be coloring this soon, but I promised my dad I would upload the inks.  Here you are, Dad! 🙂