Periscope is supporting the Japan Relief Effort

**EDIT:  Here’s the link to the posting on eBay Original Art on eBay**

Periscope Studio will be posting original artwork on its eBay site next week.  The work that will be auctioned is going up this week on the Periscope Tumblr.  All proceeds from the eBay sales will go to the Japan Relief Effort.

My piece is inspired by a short story from the book After the Quake by Haruki Murakami.  The stories were written after the disastrous 1995 earthquake in Kobe.  Murakami is best know in the states for” The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: Norwegian Wood” and I highly recommend his work.  Murakami’s stories have a touch of the absurd, and I’m not sure if “surreal fiction” is an accurate category, but he is extremely readable and the stories are powerful in a way that creeps up on you.  All the stories in “After the Quake” are in the service of healing.  My drawing is based on the story “Super-Frog Saves Tokyo” and, like all his work, it has descriptive passages that evoke strong visuals.  I chose a spoiler-free image that I hope entices you to read the story.  I tried to sketch a scene from the end of the story, but I couldn’t succeed in capturing the feeling that the prose gives me.  I suppose my failure may be a testament to the power of imagination, which is a key element in this story.


Frogmen V. Octopus

For the Periscope Studio weekly sketch challenge: Tentacles!  This drawing was inspired by a playset that my dad gave my oldest son a few years ago.  When we finally start getting warm weather, you can be sure we’ll fill the baby bath in the back yard and unleash the Frogmen on the Octopus (or vice versa).

Mashing It Up

The Periscope Tumblr brings you a week of snowstorms.  “Draw someone in a snowstorm,” they request.  I reverted to childhood influences for this one.  Two influential movie snowstorms MASHED into each other, along with the key characters.  This was fun.  (Are these sketch challenges killing my work schedule?  Let us not speak of this…)