Amazing Comics, Bro!

A sketch for my studiomate David Hahn.  He’s got a new comic coming out and you can download the entire first issue for FREE at his website.

He’ll love you for it! He’ll also love you if you tell him that his work is “amazing” and if you call him “Bro.” (First sentence true, second notsomuch.)

By the way, Periscope Sketch Challenge is “Pirates” this week.  Two birds one stone!  Ain’t I proud?


The doctor is out…

…of body.

My wife saw this over my shoulder as I was coloring it and it wasn’t clear to her that the figure above is the same as the man, Dr. Strange, in the trance.  I think I may have failed in that regard.  While an out of body experience can be disorienting I didn’t intend for the depiction to be.  I think I should have used the candle smoke in a way that suggested a more dynamic change in the mental state of the character.  Plus I should probably try to experience a trance first hand.  See you in the outer realms…

Backgrounded this week

No Periscope Sketch Challenge drawing from me this week, I’m afraid.  I used up all my spare time doing background work for Ron Randall to fatten the wallet.  Ron has kept me employed over the past few years assisting him on many titles including Outsiders, Batman/Superman, Action Comics, Anne Steelyard, to name a few.  He’s a skilled illustrator who has helped me gain valuable experience drawing mainstream titles.  Not familiar with Ron Randall?  Check out his website!

So, the issue we were working on was Outsiders #40.  Here’s a panel with some sweet rides!  (You’ll have to buy the book to see Ron’s drawings of Batman on this page…and don’t worry, my vehicle titles won’t be included.)

I’m not sure when this will hit the stands, but keep your eyes peeled for some exciting comic book action!  We deliver some thrills and spills in this one, let me tell ya;)

Loki Meddles, Thor Rages

Here’s another late sketch for the Periscope Sketch challenge.  See the others here:  Periscope Tumblr .  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but everything I’ve heard points to a good time at the theater.

Below are the grey wash drawings sans color. 11″x17″ on bristol.

Portland Center for the Performing Arts Tonight!

First Thursday in Portland tonight.  Hope you can make it!  And I hope I can make it!  Don’t worry, I’ll brush my teeth.

Batty Mash Mash

Arriving late with my Fashion Disaster for the Periscope Sketch Challenge.  I would have liked to color this, but that’s not going to happen.  Try to imagine Lynn Varley colors on this;)  I’m sure the comic readers out there recognize the Dark Knight Returns reference here.  Batman in the pose of the cover to Book 3 and the Batarang in Joker’s eye, but the more obscure reference is from one of my all time favorite comics from childhood, Batman Vs. The Hulk written by Len Wein, penciled by Jose Garcia Lopez and inked by the late Dick Giordano.  Here’s the scan from the page where Joker has the power to make all of his own wildest dreams come true.  I just wanted to see what it might have looked like if Miller included it in The Dark Knight Returns.  Batman does not look happy to be initiated into the Insane Clown Posse, does he?