Steve Rogers!

“Too puny, too sickly, to be accepted by the army!  Steve Rogers! chosen from hundreds of similar volunteers because of his courage, his intelligence, and his willingness to risk death for his country if the experiment should fail!”

For the Periscope Sketch Challenge.  Check for others on the Periscope Tumblr.


Fresh from the mailbox…

I made it back from my first ever San Diego Comic Con yesterday, and it was a great experience, and to top it off I don’t think I’m coming down with an illness (a common side effect of attending the show, so I was warned).  I hope to make a post about my experience this week.  In the meantime I can let you know  what I found in my mailbox recently.  The first item of interest is a Scholastic “READ 180: Stage A” comic book that I illustrated last year.  I wish I knew exactly how you can buy this, if you are so inclined, but I can only direct you to the book listing on the Scholastic website.  I think your best bet will be to check Scholastic Book Fairs that come regularly during the school year, or contact Scholastic via the website.  Here’s the webpage.  Click on the tab for Level 2 Paperbacks and scroll to the right.  In the meantime, I’ll give you a preview of the 24 page book.  Written by Sari Wilson, the intended audience is 3rd to 5th grade readers.

And here’s convincing evidence that it’s a real book, one that hands can touch…

The other item of interest is the third and final installment of Anne Steelyard.  I had a small hand in this as the background penciller, the main credits go to writer Barbara Hambly, penciller Ron Randall, inker James Taylor, and colorist Mike Garcia.  Check out Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness Act 3 from Penny Farthing Press!

Harry You Know Who

Hi, my name is Aaron McConnell and I’m a sketch blog addict.  I should allow myself to do these when all my other work is done for the week, but a little idea for a sketch becomes all consuming.  One odd thing… this drawing sort of turned out to be my Gene Colan tribute sketch.  I did not expect that, and when I got to the inking I definitely had the recently late great master in mind.  

Love for Being Human

Over the weekend I acquired the latest Mike Mignola/Richard Corben Hellboy one shot.  I look forward to any and all collaborations by these masters, and this one entitled “Being Human” is yet another extraordinary tale starring everyone’s favorite demon and his buddy Roger.   You can really sense the quiet kinship the two characters share in this issue.  Corben’s ability to evoke eery atmosphere is comparable to none, imho, and you even get some John Steinbeck tossed in for good measure.  Here’s a little sketch I made inspired by the comic. 

*Edited a couple hours later*:  I do love Corben’s work, I’ve made that clear, but it occurred to me that I didn’t acknowledge the influence of the colorist Dave Stewart as I gushed about this comic.  He obviously has a lot to do with creating the atmosphere.  Unique choices like the green flames on the fingers of the severed hand and the graveyard textures add a lot.  (I don’t think I should write many comic reviews … I’ll stick to the fan art.)

Icarus, Contest Loser

Submitted this image to a contest last week, and lost.  Fitting subject for a loss, though, dontcha think?  The theme for the contest was “Summer Myth” and you can see the winners here.  I think my entry was too much “within the box,” but still it was fun.

Size of the original: 8×12″.  Watercolor and gouache on cold press paper with Photoshop color alterations.

Illustration with Legs (wine pun, sorry)

The Maryhill Museum recently had a dinner and wine auction.  I wasn’t able to attend, but the good folks at the Museum sent me these photos of the wine bottle that had my artwork etched in a process that is beyond my understanding.  The company that did this is Xena Etched Graphics. I did not know this service existed. (Although, I remember seeing some Adam Hughes Wonder Woman art etched on a bottle at one of Portland’s Wonder Woman Day auctions, so I should have put it together.) Anyway, there you have it. Fun in, and on, a bottle! I won’t read you the dinner menu. You and I both will start drooling, and you’ll hate me for it.  (And you already hate me for the wine pun;)