Redrawing 2011

I’ve never cared for the term “Sketch Dump” which may be why I’ve never done one on this blog, but I wanted to wrap up this year with a look back at some of my sketches, and with the hope that a little reflection will help me set sail on a productive drawing year.  I have no idea how my work is perceived by others, but to me it sometimes feels like I’ve got different drawing brains that kick into gear depending on the subject.  I’m hoping to get a little more focused in the coming year.  We’ll see… I know it’s important to step out of your comfort zone to keep developing, too.  I went for some variety here, so I hope you find something that strikes your fancy.  Happy New Year!



Time to start wrapping…

Dear Reader,  This sketch is for you.  I hope you like Batman, or Poison Ivy, or Christmas colors.  This year I entered the blogosphere with some trepidation, but found it to be a very rewarding and liberating experience.  I can honestly say that doing the weekly (well, nearly weekly) sketches revitalized my personal drive to create art outside of work assignments.  I hope to be ratcheting that drive up another level in the new year with some original material, but I’ll address that when it becomes more of a reality.  In the meantime, please accept my gratitude for following my blog.  You are definitely part of a very small group (this blog is flying way below the radar), but I can tell that it’s a relatively consistent group based on my site stats and I genuinely appreciate your willingness to check in on my efforts.  So, thank you, enjoy the holidays and I will be here again in 2012 (if I don’t pop in again before the year is out).

Xtreme Xmas: the Penultimate Challenge

For me, Christmas can, at times, feel like an extreme sport.  I did this sketch a little while ago for a kids’ soccer team, The Blue Ice Dynamites!  It seems appropriate now, what with all the snow and ice (not that we have any here in Portland, OR).  In the midst of Christmas preparations and two boys revved up with anticipate for the big day I need to keep my eye on the ball if I want to stay in the game.


I’ve been busy with the some projects that have non-disclosure agreements attached, so I haven’t been posting much beyond the sketch challenge pieces.  I am still at work on the Gettysburg Address graphic adaptation.  In fact, Jonathan Hennessey sent me the completed script about a month ago, and it looks as though I’m slated to have the artwork done by June 2012 with a release date in 2013.  I’ll post some of the artwork in the coming months for those who have been patiently awaiting news about the development of this project.  And for the casual reader, let me tease you with the possibility of a Batman drawing in the not too distant future.  According to my site stats, most of my views are related to Batman.  Let me assure you, I understand the appeal.  I can confess to years of Batman idolatry.

As for today, let me offer you the following image.  It was rejected for the inclusion of the ECCC Monsters and Dames 2012 book, but don’t weep for me, dear readers, now it’s free to swim the ocean of the internet.  I’m going to look into the possibility of getting this made into a print, and if/when it’s available I’ll give the details on this blog.

And here are the inks:

Thanks for viewing!

Last month of Sketch Challenge 2011 starts now!

Yeah, I’ve taken this Sketch Challenge seriously.  It’s been a terrible distraction, but also a great inspiration and I’ve really enjoyed playing in the sandboxes of my peers.  This week we’re celebrating Jonthan Hickman and Dustin Weaver’s S.H.I.E.L.D: Architects of Forever.  Dustin works at Periscope, and he’s almost always down there when I make my rare appearances.  I do most of my work from home, but I rely heavily on the studio in other ways, and picking Dustin’s brain and looking over his shoulder as he plows through page after page of dynamic drawing has really helped me out with my own efforts.  So, anyway, I wanted to do a SHIELD piece and I knew I couldn’t get away with doing it the “Weaver-Way,” so I took liberties with the Tesla character and his muse?/guardian?/dove woman.  I drew her sort of morphing into her dove form.  Something about it reminds me of Osamu Tezuka’s  Phoenix, and that has to be my subconscious at work because I know Dustin is a huge Tezuka fan.  HUGE.

If you can make out the signature at the bottom right of the drawing you’ll see that I credit Dustin as well as the legendary Jim Steranko.  This is my lack of willpower at work, Dear Reader.  I told myself I wasn’t doing a Steranko send-up when I went into this, but as you can see, I failed miserably.  The conversation with myself sounds quite a bit like the conversation that Tom Waits has with himself on Nighthawks at the Diner, you might know the one, he ends up “taking advantage of himself” or “making the scene with a magazine.”  For me it started with, “Why don’t I just put a little op art behind Tesla?” and before I knew it I’m drawing clocks and shadow dudes.  But in my own defense, I realized I had to put the shadow dudes in because… well, let me put this little diagram together for you.  Take a look…

See?!  Am I crazy or does it seem that we may find out who Steranko’s shadow men are after all these years.  I guess that still doesn’t explain the bike wheels, but Hickman and Weaver’s SHIELD isn’t over yet.  And I’m enjoying it, if you can’t tell.

Here’s the thumbnail of my drawing (pre-Steranko brain seed).  There was something that I liked about this little Tesla sketch so I ended up scanning/enlarging it to the 11×17″ board.

Now, it’s time for you to be wowed by Dustin Weaver artwork.  Go here: or here: .  Lucky you! 😀