Abraham Lincoln: Age 204 years

It’s true, Lincoln isn’t as old as Yoda, yet.  204 years seems downright youthful in contrast to Yoda’s 800+.  Lincoln_AndrewLoomis01

I imagine Lincoln received a book or two as birthday presents, so I thought it might be appropriate to present this mock-up of our book cover.  The illustrations are taken from the interior except for the central portrait that I based on a photo of Lincoln reading to Tad that has been reproduced frequently.  The cover was designed by Adam Johnson.  Thank you, Adam!


And here’s an extra bonus: The BW lineart of an interior page that features Lincoln and a cameo of his bible, perhaps his most famous possession…after the hat.


2013 UFO


What is it?!  It’s a thing.  And this is a start to a new year of blogging!

Obligatory Photo Evidence


It’s the “Stack of Pages” post!  If you follow blogs by comic artists you’re probably familiar with this trope.  Something a bit irksome about these IMO, probably the fact that maybe that’s just a stack of blank pages under the top one, but let me offer my assurance that I’ve finished drawing all 221 pages of The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation .  I’m working on revisions and some color improvements, but the book is still on schedule for the June 2013 release.

Also, I don’t think I’ve posted since I saw Spielberg’s Lincoln.  What an incredible movie!  Apart from the extraordinary performance from Daniel Day Lewis, it also evoked the time period in an utterly convincing way.  I was transported to the the time/place with its light, props, costumes, etc. and consequently swept up in the drama.  Seeing the photos (mostly by Mathew Brady) brought to life on screen after spending a good amount of time looking at them over the past couple years was such a treat.  The movie really energized my final push to complete the GN.  There are many parallels, unplanned of course, and I think/hope that anyone who loves Spielberg’s Lincoln will enjoy the graphic novel that Jonathan Hennessey and I have been working to create.  Expect less ornate wallpaper, but still…I’ve made an effort to bring the subject to life with authenticity in the panels.  In addition, our graphic novel brings the reader to the present day from the movie’s end.  As much of a sequel as you’re likely to see;-)


Gettysburg Address GN Inks

Here’s a drawing of Andrew Johnson being congratulated after narrowly escaping impeachment in 1868.  “Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this my Mama said.”

Gettysburg Address GN Inks

A moonlit Devil’s Den.

Gettysburg Address GN Inks

More preview art for the only thing I’m working on this month.

Gettysburg Address GN Inks

Gettysburg’s National Soldier’s Cemetery

Gettysburg Address GN Pencils to Inks

A weary post-war Lincoln.

Gettysburg Address GN Inks

I’ll attempt to lively up my blog with some previews from the Gettysburg Address graphic novel I’m working on this month.  Descriptions, if any, will be minimal.  This is the capture of Jefferson Davis.



I’ve got some unexpected wallpaper to share with you, but before doing so, here’s another reminder about that thing, that Kickstarter thing.

Now, about that wallpaper.  I’m in the process of wallpapering my studio again, but I took a picture of the old papering job before I ripped it down.  Take a look…

That’s some progress on the Gettysburg Address book.  A glimmer of hope to those who are patiently waiting for me to finish this graphic novel.