“Shaking off the stink” at Stumptown!

“Shaking off the stink” is the phrase that comic artist Leland Purvis used to describe what it’s like for illustrators to leave the confines of their studios to interact with the public.  I’ll continue to do that today with the help of my son Acme on Day Two of the Stumptown Comic Fest.  Today Acme will be running our table by himself for a while, and he’ll be selling some of his prints, cards with original art, and a sketchbook that he and I collaborated on.  If you happen to be reading this Sunday morning, come by Table M03 and help socialize my son…and if I’m there, Lord knows I could use a little socialization myself;-)  Here’s the cover of our sketchbook (also available as a print):RPG_SpacePirates_Inks_AMcC

And here’s the original sketch:RPG_SpacePirates_AMcC

Post ECCC 2013

AAMcC_ECCC2013Photo by Georgia Ball (or was it Scott?)

I spent Emerald City Comicon with my son this year.  With his help I was able to keep abreast of some of the happenings beyond my table.  The next convention that he and I will attend together will be Stumptown Fest and if all goes according to plan he should have some of his artwork and comics available for sale, as well.  At ECCC we both spent some time drawing behind the table.  Below are some 13th Age commissions and you can find some of the drawings and photos by my son at his blog.  My thanks to those who stopped by my table.


Starting Fresh

Nothing like uprooting everything you own and moving it to a new location to get your mind in the Clean Slate state of mind.  And when you haven’t been very active in the studio for about a month, you may feel like you’ve lost all your momentum and you’re back to Square One, or as this photo suggests Age 3.  But it could be argued that some child-like creativity would freshen up my stale adult drawings.  “Right Pablo?”  “That’s right, Aaron, remember that all children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”  “Thanks, Pablo.”

In the spirit of that Picasso sentiment, here’s a drawing my oldest son did when he was around 5, I think, and below is my “interpretation.”  I would certainly interpret it differently these days…I was really into Bonnie Prince Billy at the time;)  For one thing I would take advantage of that dust cloud around the musical prince’s feet.  He must be tapping up a storm, or as the kidz call it, “Peanuts Freestylin!”

Want more ACME art?  Check out his blog (and leave a comment encouraging him to add more posts!): ACME’s blog

Strange and Stranger

Here’s something.  A sketch of Dr. Strange after the unique visionary Steve Ditko.  I’ve depicted Strange using his powers over the mists of deep space that exist within shadows, dontchaknow? 

The following sketches are based on characters that my son created.  He drew a couple pages of comics involving these characters.  My son has a wonderful  imagination and a such natural skill.  You can get a little taste of his handiwork at his blog http://acmebytes.blogspot.com and he loves to receive comments on his artwork.