Marvel Comics and Me

Some of my blog readers may know that my dad, Dan McConnell, inked Marvel Comics in the 90s, including X-Men #1 (thepizzahutedition).  I worked on a few Marvel issues a couple years ago as an assistant (either assisting with background pencils or background inks), but never credited.  However, this time assisting Karl Kesel on background inks for Fearless Defenders #4AU I will receive my first credit in a Marvel comic for some of my inking, further establishing me as a “chip off the old block.”  I was hoping to get a glimpse of what the colorist did with the inks and today I was rewarded with this Preview on CBR.  I had a hand in only two of the preview pages there, the rest of the credit goes to the extraordinary talents of Karl Kesel and the colorist, who appears to be unlisted in the preview.  Phil Jimenez, the penciler, had something to do with it, too, and of course the writer Cullen Bunn.  Anyway, check out that preview and I’ll proceed to curb my enthusiasm for being a small part of the corporate machine.


Backgrounded this week

No Periscope Sketch Challenge drawing from me this week, I’m afraid.  I used up all my spare time doing background work for Ron Randall to fatten the wallet.  Ron has kept me employed over the past few years assisting him on many titles including Outsiders, Batman/Superman, Action Comics, Anne Steelyard, to name a few.  He’s a skilled illustrator who has helped me gain valuable experience drawing mainstream titles.  Not familiar with Ron Randall?  Check out his website!

So, the issue we were working on was Outsiders #40.  Here’s a panel with some sweet rides!  (You’ll have to buy the book to see Ron’s drawings of Batman on this page…and don’t worry, my vehicle titles won’t be included.)

I’m not sure when this will hit the stands, but keep your eyes peeled for some exciting comic book action!  We deliver some thrills and spills in this one, let me tell ya;)