King Kirby

For the life of me I cannot make a Jack Kirby homage sketch without doing a poor imitation of his technique.  The unbridled energy is infectious in the most refreshing way.  I almost didn’t do the WakeUpAndDraw challenge today, thinking I had just too much on my plate, but then I realized that the graphic novel I’ve been working on borrows steals some of his visual language directly, I realized it would be unconscionable to not do something. Kamandi_WUAD_2014 Below are some of my previous imitations, shameful as they are…

bigbarda_v_lump_72dpi thor_loki_amcc_72dpi

One Strange, One Creeper

I managed to do a little drawing during ECCC.  I started this Dr Strange (reading Lovecraft) without a commission request and kept chipping away at it, but didn’t finish until I got home.  The Creeper piece was done for an entire sketchbook of Creeper drawings.  There were some really nice pieces in that book, and yes, I was intimidated.  I wanted to have rain pouring down on the Creeper through the grate in true Ditko fashion, but fortunately for the sake of time and sanity my table mate, Dennis Culver, talked me down from that ledge.  It takes experience to get comfortable sketching at conventions, I’ve found.  I’m amazed to see people who crank them out in the double digits.  Some artists manage to get commissions before the show and do a lot of the design layout prior, so they can focus on the rendering exclusively during the Con.  That’s a sweet arrangement.  Anyhow, I did a couple other commissions and if you, Dear Reader, were the recipient and want to send me a scan of the piece to post on my blog, please do so (find my email top right of this page).  I had a request for a Sandman in another sketchbook, but the timing didn’t work out.  I wish I had asked to see the book, though, and I’m wondering which Sandman it was.  I assumed Gaiman’s…but which Gaiman version…hmm, apparently I wasn’t prepared to do a Sandman.  Oh, but next time I will be;)

Time to start wrapping…

Dear Reader,  This sketch is for you.  I hope you like Batman, or Poison Ivy, or Christmas colors.  This year I entered the blogosphere with some trepidation, but found it to be a very rewarding and liberating experience.  I can honestly say that doing the weekly (well, nearly weekly) sketches revitalized my personal drive to create art outside of work assignments.  I hope to be ratcheting that drive up another level in the new year with some original material, but I’ll address that when it becomes more of a reality.  In the meantime, please accept my gratitude for following my blog.  You are definitely part of a very small group (this blog is flying way below the radar), but I can tell that it’s a relatively consistent group based on my site stats and I genuinely appreciate your willingness to check in on my efforts.  So, thank you, enjoy the holidays and I will be here again in 2012 (if I don’t pop in again before the year is out).

Yes, Apologies Included

Can you tell what I’ve been poring over these days?  You are correct!  “Torpedo” it is.   I had to get this out of my system.  Apologies to Jordi Bernet and fans the world over.  No apologies to Wonder Woman fans, though.  Let’s get Bernet drawing that title!