Malinky Robot

This is a piece of fan art for the comic Malinky Robot by Sonny Liew.   I met Sonny back in 2001 at RISD and we’ve kept in touch over the years.  He’s been much more prolific than I.  The comic that he started in 2001 has developed into a GN and will be put out by Image some time next year.  Apart from this book he’s done stuff for DC and Marvel, a very unique sequel to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, edited a couple anthologies on the side, done some painting, and did I hear that he traveled to the moon, too?  That might be a rumor, but I wouldn’t put it past him.  My Fan Art celebrates a couple of the many colorful characters that show up in his Malinky Robot collection.  It’s a really playful comic.  And Sonny is an astounding talent.  I remember the day I met him, he cranked out a high energy dynamic one page comic about a character cutting his toenails.  Brilliant!  Here’s the link to the guest artist site: You’ll be rewarded with some stunning illustrations if you follow that link.  Turns out he’s friends with a bunch of movers and shakers in the comics/illustration industry.

Strange and Stranger

Here’s something.  A sketch of Dr. Strange after the unique visionary Steve Ditko.  I’ve depicted Strange using his powers over the mists of deep space that exist within shadows, dontchaknow? 

The following sketches are based on characters that my son created.  He drew a couple pages of comics involving these characters.  My son has a wonderful  imagination and a such natural skill.  You can get a little taste of his handiwork at his blog and he loves to receive comments on his artwork.