Redrawing 2011

I’ve never cared for the term “Sketch Dump” which may be why I’ve never done one on this blog, but I wanted to wrap up this year with a look back at some of my sketches, and with the hope that a little reflection will help me set sail on a productive drawing year.  I have no idea how my work is perceived by others, but to me it sometimes feels like I’ve got different drawing brains that kick into gear depending on the subject.  I’m hoping to get a little more focused in the coming year.  We’ll see… I know it’s important to step out of your comfort zone to keep developing, too.  I went for some variety here, so I hope you find something that strikes your fancy.  Happy New Year!


Portland Opera, The Best!

I participated in a unique event put together by the Portland Opera on Sept. 2oth.  Local cartoonists were invited to draw during the rehearsal of Pagliacci and Carmina Burana.  What an experience!  Sometimes the life of the cartoonist is the good life.  I did some sketches and a two page comic recollection of the evening.  I didn’t get a chance to give Carmina Burana any attention in my comic pages since we had just a couple days to put our drawings together, but hopefully the rehearsal sketches give you some idea (although I mainly sketched the performers who were standing still … the elegance of  the dancers will make you swoon and they move much faster than my pen!)