Wizard World Today!

AMcC_nonfictionFANTASYLast minute announcement!  I’m spending today at Wizard World Portland 10am – 5pm.  Most of the time I’ll be at Table C62.  Between 1 and 2pm I’ll be signing at the Dark Horse booth.  *I believe* they will have free Dark Agnes prints for me to sign and give away.  See you there!…?

The Dark Agnes image for the exclusive Dark Horse print (Double Dark!):DarkAgnes_Sketch_02

“Shaking off the stink” at Stumptown!

“Shaking off the stink” is the phrase that comic artist Leland Purvis used to describe what it’s like for illustrators to leave the confines of their studios to interact with the public.  I’ll continue to do that today with the help of my son Acme on Day Two of the Stumptown Comic Fest.  Today Acme will be running our table by himself for a while, and he’ll be selling some of his prints, cards with original art, and a sketchbook that he and I collaborated on.  If you happen to be reading this Sunday morning, come by Table M03 and help socialize my son…and if I’m there, Lord knows I could use a little socialization myself;-)  Here’s the cover of our sketchbook (also available as a print):RPG_SpacePirates_Inks_AMcC

And here’s the original sketch:RPG_SpacePirates_AMcC

Process: 13 True Ways

I met with Rob Heinsoo and Lee Moyer the other night.  After enjoying  a bowl of Lee’s chicken hominy soup we went through the “Art Order’ for 13 True Ways to see where we stand in the process.  There’s a lot of artwork in this book, but a good amount of progress has been made and I will continue illustrating finished pieces this upcoming month.  This weekend at Stumptown Comic Fest I’ll bring prints from the first book including many of the Icons and some interior illustrations of gnomes, elves and other high fantasy adventurers.  Here’s an illustration that will be included in 13 True Ways:


And the thumbnail sketch:Mantis_ThumbA

Tableau of Merch

Here’s a little preview of some items that I will be selling at Emerald City Comicon this weekend.  You can find me at Table 2617 (or thereabouts) on the ECCC Level 4 Show Floor.  The framed image depicting a mantis attack in this snapshot will be on sale in the Krab Jab Studios Art Exhibit “The Gathering” on the TCC Level 3.  13th Age will also be represented on one of the TCC Levels of the Gaming Show Floor.

See you there!


PS. The Diabolist original art in the right hand corner of this image is spoken for, but for the time being you can still request a similar commission.



Sneak Peeks

Just a quick post to confirm that PAX was a great experience for me.  I witnessed a lot of enthusiasm for 13th Age while I was there.  People coming out of the demos seemed smitten. It is reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who wants the Kickstarter to succeed.  There are many people who already feel passionate about this game.  Lee and I did some collaborative sketching that I hope to share in the near future, but in the meantime there’s a new post by Rob Heinsoo on the Kickstarter, and he was kind enough to include this preview of a 13th Age page:

In addition, I took the display of prints that I had with me at PAX down to Guardian Games in Portland this afternoon.  They are currently on display in the gaming area.  So, on your way to storming the castle maybe you can take a moment’s pause to browse my modest exhibition.

PAX, Prints, and more!

Starting today, Friday August 31, I am attending PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington to assist the Fire Opal Media folks promote 13th Age and the expansion book 13 True Ways currently kickstarting.  What is PAX Prime?  Your Answer.

I’ve brought 40 prints with me for sale at the Gamma Ray Games booth.  There are ten 11″ x 14″ prints each of the 4  images I’ve shown here, and Lee Moyer and I will be available to sign them from 2-4pm on Friday and Saturday.

And there’s a rumor that I’ll be Icon Sketching as time allows.  We’ll see how it goes.  I hope to see you there!