Key Players in the 54th Regiment comic

Here are some snippets of finished art from the comic I recently illustrated about the 54th MASS regiment.  Frederick Douglass makes a “cameo” in the opening pages as he is recruited to recruit volunteers for the regiment. 

 The main character of the story is William Carney, a 23 year old volunteer who plays a crucial role in the attack on Fort Wagner in the climax of this historical retelling.    

The young Colonel Shaw, at 26 also gets the spotlight in the book.  I tried to draw him youthful in this portrait, but hardened.  He’s seen a lot of death by this point.   Things haven’t really changed much have they?  Sending the kids off to do the dirty work …  BUT ANYWAYlet’s not go there right now!  Let’s talk about the anonymous paymaster that I based on Daniel Day Lewis:D  This time he’s in full color!  Sorry to pigeon hole Mr. Day Lewis, but have you heard?!  He’ll get a chance to redeem himself from this disgraceful casting as the Paymaster when he plays Abraham Lincoln in the upcoming Spielberg production.

I’ve finished the art on a book that won’t be available until Spring/Summer 2011, but I wanted to post a teaser here.  I posted some pencils for this project a while back and I’ll post some of the end results of those sketches in the coming week.  Here’s a dramatic scene near the end of the book.  This is Colonel Robert Gould Shaw at the top of Fort Wagner, S. Carolina leading the 54th MASS volunteer infantry and under heavy fire.  This historical event was depicted in the movie Glory (in case this reminds of something you can’t quite put your finder on;).