“Shaking off the stink” at Stumptown!

“Shaking off the stink” is the phrase that comic artist Leland Purvis used to describe what it’s like for illustrators to leave the confines of their studios to interact with the public.  I’ll continue to do that today with the help of my son Acme on Day Two of the Stumptown Comic Fest.  Today Acme will be running our table by himself for a while, and he’ll be selling some of his prints, cards with original art, and a sketchbook that he and I collaborated on.  If you happen to be reading this Sunday morning, come by Table M03 and help socialize my son…and if I’m there, Lord knows I could use a little socialization myself;-)  Here’s the cover of our sketchbook (also available as a print):RPG_SpacePirates_Inks_AMcC

And here’s the original sketch:RPG_SpacePirates_AMcC

Curious Concepts

I’m going to test the limits of my blog this week (but hopefully not the patience of my blog readers:p) in preparation for the upcoming Stumptown Comics Fest April 27-28, Sat-Sunday.  I spent a good part of yesterday rifling through old drawings to put together a little collaborative sketch comic with my son.  Layout is taking longer than I expected and I’m pruning out some stuff, but leftovers may as well end up here.  This is a random page from a 2012 sketchbook.  I think the pen was doing the thinking…