King Kirby

For the life of me I cannot make a Jack Kirby homage sketch without doing a poor imitation of his technique.  The unbridled energy is infectious in the most refreshing way.  I almost didn’t do the WakeUpAndDraw challenge today, thinking I had just too much on my plate, but then I realized that the graphic novel I’ve been working on borrows steals some of his visual language directly, I realized it would be unconscionable to not do something. Kamandi_WUAD_2014 Below are some of my previous imitations, shameful as they are…

bigbarda_v_lump_72dpi thor_loki_amcc_72dpi

Loki Meddles, Thor Rages

Here’s another late sketch for the Periscope Sketch challenge.  See the others here:  Periscope Tumblr .  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but everything I’ve heard points to a good time at the theater.

Below are the grey wash drawings sans color. 11″x17″ on bristol.