Turandot is Icy Hot!

Turandot is currently playing at the Portland Opera tonight, Sunday, Thursday, and next Saturday.  I found this production to be extremely rich and layered in sound and visuals.  I saw the show on Jan 31st during a most unprecedented 3rd invitation to sketch during the rehearsal.  I designed a comic cover for my submission to the Opera blog, and as a special bonus here I added scans of some the sketches I did during the rehearsal.  Thanks for looking!

Additional Turandot artwork by PDX cartoonists can be found here:  http://www.portlandopera.org/operas/2010-2011/turandot#images

3 thoughts on “Turandot is Icy Hot!

    1. Thanks for your request, Brenda! I don’t currently have any prints of this, but I may have some available later in the year. I’ll post when they become available.

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