Love for Being Human

Over the weekend I acquired the latest Mike Mignola/Richard Corben Hellboy one shot.  I look forward to any and all collaborations by these masters, and this one entitled “Being Human” is yet another extraordinary tale starring everyone’s favorite demon and his buddy Roger.   You can really sense the quiet kinship the two characters share in this issue.  Corben’s ability to evoke eery atmosphere is comparable to none, imho, and you even get some John Steinbeck tossed in for good measure.  Here’s a little sketch I made inspired by the comic. 

*Edited a couple hours later*:  I do love Corben’s work, I’ve made that clear, but it occurred to me that I didn’t acknowledge the influence of the colorist Dave Stewart as I gushed about this comic.  He obviously has a lot to do with creating the atmosphere.  Unique choices like the green flames on the fingers of the severed hand and the graveyard textures add a lot.  (I don’t think I should write many comic reviews … I’ll stick to the fan art.)

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