I Say “YES!” to Brand ECCC!

What a great time I had at Emerald City Comic Con this year.  It had been 4 years since I tabled at this or any Comic Con and I admit I was hesitant.  Turns out I should have been embracing it with open arms because it was a profound and positive experience.  I’m not going to name drop like crazy here, but I will say that it was great being a part of the Periscope Studio island of tables.  I sat between two of the finest Super Friends a fellow could hope for, Dennis Culver and Dustin Weaver and I had the distinct pleasure of rooming with a superb Spanish comic artist whom I knew only through email, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque.  My Dad joined me at the Con on Friday and Saturday (and took me out to his favorite restaurant in Seattle, Cedars) and I was able to experience the Con beyond my table vicariously through him.  I wanted to stay at my table as much as I could because the people who stopped by to browse, chat and occasionally support me with a purchase were really wonderful.  Thanks to everyone who came by, and hopefully you’ve found your way to my blog so you can  receive my appreciation in this form.  Let me tell you…I had such a great time that next year I’m going to announce that I’ll be there before the event, not after like I’m doing now.  Yes, that’s unfortunate, but that’s the only thing that was unfortunate about the entire weekend.  Thank you, Con Goers and Dear Readers!

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