Behind-the-Illustration: The Dwarf King of 13th Age

The Dwarf King is lord of Forge, the dwarves’ new homeland beneath the mountains. He’d love to reclaim the dwarven Underhome lost to war against the dark elves and the creatures of the deeps. But now that the Empire is stumbling, the dwarves find themselves manning the mountain walls that shield the Empire from the orcs and monsters of the north.  –From the 13th Age icon teaser description.

Without further ado…The Dwarf King!  Digitally painted by Lee Moyer.  Below you will find my pencil drawing as well as an earlier sketch with revision notes provided by Lee.

*Somewhere between Lee’s revision sketch and my pencil rendering there was mention of Brian Blessed’s teeth.

**To the completionists who wish to stay up-to-the- minute on 13th Age, please follow this link to Pelgrane Press.  You’ll find my Behind-the-Illustration cross-posts, but there are also some additional Art Sneak Peeks.

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