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Gettysburg Address GN Inks

I’ll attempt to lively up my blog with some previews from the Gettysburg Address graphic novel I’m working on this month.  Descriptions, if any, will be minimal.  This is the capture of Jefferson Davis.



3 Responses

  1. Beautiful work as always, Aaron!

    • Thank you, Brian. I’ve been in lock-down most of the year (no complaints, though). I look forward to catching up with you on Ravens one of these days. Best wishes!

      • For some reason, I can’t get thru to your email anymore. Ravens recently won the West Field Screenwriting Best of the West “Spurs” award (http://www.westfieldawards.com/WINNERS-.html.) Trying to make something happen on the heels of it. Submitting to First Second next. All is well – looking forward to catching up with you as well, Aaron!

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