Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #6

Dark Agnes_header

Featuring Dark Agnes: Part 2 adapted by the profoundly prolific writer Paul Tobin with art by me.  The extraordinarily prolific artist Francesco Francavilla was at the helm for the art on Dark Agnes: Part 1 in Savage Sword #5, so Aaron McWhothehell?! might be an unpleasant surprise to some.  However, I did make an effort to retain consistency with Francavilla’s first part, and  one advantage in my favor was that this 3 part tale is the origin story of Dark Agnes.  She abandons her oppressive past in Part 1, discovers her “darkness” in Part 2 and …well, I’m not giving away Part 3.  Point being, I think the transitions in the 3 parts can handle a little stylistic deviation.  But, by all means, judge for yourself.  The issue came out a week or two ago, so please pick it up if you like this type of adventure comic.  What do I mean by that, exactly?  Well, the type that gets a little bloody.  But there’s humor here, too, and if it doesn’t immediately come across, I suggest reading it aloud.  Agnes has a voice that is distinct from the run-of-the-mill strong woman role, IMHO.

Here are the preview pages from the Dark Horse website:

rehss6p3 rehss6p4

And here’s another page in appreciation of my blog readers.  (Sorry, no text, though.):

Dark Agnes_Part2_06_RGB_A

Dark Horse gave the blessing for me to show some preliminary sketches, as well:

Agnes_CharacterSketches01 Etienne_Innkeeper_CharacterSHEET_01DarkAgnes_Sketch_01


Finally, the link to the full preview of Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #6.

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