10 thoughts on “Greek Star Wars

  1. Awesome! Hilarious! And I saw it on May 5 2018, so May The Fourth Be With You and Happy Revenge of the Fifth! Is there a prequel with a Greek Qui-Gon & Young Obi-Wan?

  2. Bought some of these pictures at the Greek fest in Charleston, SC. Hope those guys don’t sue you since they designed them…

    1. Hi Derek, I’m glad you enjoyed the images and it’s cool that they were included at a Greek Fest, unfortunately it is much less cool that the people you bought the pictures from were passing them off as their designs. If you could let me know who you bought them from I would appreciate it. I currently have two of these designs available as prints or t-shirts at https://aamcconnell.threadless.com/

      1. I was just coming here to ask if you sold these anywhere because I saw them on Twitter and my sister is both a classics and a Star Wars fan 🙂

      2. Hi Wendy, this is Aaron McConnell. Welcome to my site! I currently have two of these images available to purchase through a shop at https://aamcconnell.threadless.com/ The only two I have uploaded right now are Vader with Stormtrooper sheep and Luke, Artoo and C3PO. You can purchase them as a print, or a t-shirt or on a cup, etc. Thanks for your interest and I hope you find something that your sister will like. 🙂

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