I’ve been busy with the some projects that have non-disclosure agreements attached, so I haven’t been posting much beyond the sketch challenge pieces.  I am still at work on the Gettysburg Address graphic adaptation.  In fact, Jonathan Hennessey sent me the completed script about a month ago, and it looks as though I’m slated to have the artwork done by June 2012 with a release date in 2013.  I’ll post some of the artwork in the coming months for those who have been patiently awaiting news about the development of this project.  And for the casual reader, let me tease you with the possibility of a Batman drawing in the not too distant future.  According to my site stats, most of my views are related to Batman.  Let me assure you, I understand the appeal.  I can confess to years of Batman idolatry.

As for today, let me offer you the following image.  It was rejected for the inclusion of the ECCC Monsters and Dames 2012 book, but don’t weep for me, dear readers, now it’s free to swim the ocean of the internet.  I’m going to look into the possibility of getting this made into a print, and if/when it’s available I’ll give the details on this blog.

And here are the inks:

Thanks for viewing!