Last month of Sketch Challenge 2011 starts now!

Yeah, I’ve taken this Sketch Challenge seriously.  It’s been a terrible distraction, but also a great inspiration and I’ve really enjoyed playing in the sandboxes of my peers.  This week we’re celebrating Jonthan Hickman and Dustin Weaver’s S.H.I.E.L.D: Architects of Forever.  Dustin works at Periscope, and he’s almost always down there when I make my rare appearances.  I do most of my work from home, but I rely heavily on the studio in other ways, and picking Dustin’s brain and looking over his shoulder as he plows through page after page of dynamic drawing has really helped me out with my own efforts.  So, anyway, I wanted to do a SHIELD piece and I knew I couldn’t get away with doing it the “Weaver-Way,” so I took liberties with the Tesla character and his muse?/guardian?/dove woman.  I drew her sort of morphing into her dove form.  Something about it reminds me of Osamu Tezuka’s  Phoenix, and that has to be my subconscious at work because I know Dustin is a huge Tezuka fan.  HUGE.

If you can make out the signature at the bottom right of the drawing you’ll see that I credit Dustin as well as the legendary Jim Steranko.  This is my lack of willpower at work, Dear Reader.  I told myself I wasn’t doing a Steranko send-up when I went into this, but as you can see, I failed miserably.  The conversation with myself sounds quite a bit like the conversation that Tom Waits has with himself on Nighthawks at the Diner, you might know the one, he ends up “taking advantage of himself” or “making the scene with a magazine.”  For me it started with, “Why don’t I just put a little op art behind Tesla?” and before I knew it I’m drawing clocks and shadow dudes.  But in my own defense, I realized I had to put the shadow dudes in because… well, let me put this little diagram together for you.  Take a look…

See?!  Am I crazy or does it seem that we may find out who Steranko’s shadow men are after all these years.  I guess that still doesn’t explain the bike wheels, but Hickman and Weaver’s SHIELD isn’t over yet.  And I’m enjoying it, if you can’t tell.

Here’s the thumbnail of my drawing (pre-Steranko brain seed).  There was something that I liked about this little Tesla sketch so I ended up scanning/enlarging it to the 11×17″ board.

Now, it’s time for you to be wowed by Dustin Weaver artwork.  Go here: or here: .  Lucky you! 😀


Archie in PDX

A past due Periscope Sketch Challenge celebrating some of the bizarre supporting cast of Jeff Parker and Erika Moen’s webcomic Bucko.  Enter at your own risk.  Take care not to wander blindly into an unfortunate predicament like our friend Archie here…

The [Dear] Creature Emerges…

Periscope Studio is sketching to the tune of Jonathan Case’s Dear Creature this week.  Want to know more about Dear Creature?  Want to preorder a signed copy of the graphic novel from Jonathan?  Go here!

I met Jonathan Case back in 2006 when I first moved to Portland and attended the Stumptown Comic Fest for the first time. I bought the mini he was selling, which was the first handful of Dear Creature pages (known at the time as Sea Freak), and I’ve watched him develop it with assured persistence over the years at Periscope. His drawing/storytelling skills and his confidence in his work are an inspiration to me. I think people will be blown away when they discover this book.

Here are some preliminary sketches for the piece I’m working on. Tune in tomorrow to see the finished art.

Check the Periscope Tumblr for interpretations of Jonathan’s Dear Creature.

Trekker in the 21st Century

Ron Randall’s Trekker is the theme of the Periscope Sketch Challenge this week.  I’ve been behind pretty much all month and I haven’t had time to make blog posts, but I had to make time for this sketch.  We’re promoting Ron’s revival of his creator-owned series Trekker, now available in weekly installments at .

For now here’s my tribute to Trekker, let’s call it Trekker in the Sky with Diamond…knee pads.

Save Us, Avatar!

A late Periscope Sketch Challenge entry.  (I had to watch an episode or two on the recommendation of my studio mates, and now I’ve only got a few seasons left to go;)

And here’s a bonus, the 4×6 inch sketch:

Steve Rogers!

“Too puny, too sickly, to be accepted by the army!  Steve Rogers! chosen from hundreds of similar volunteers because of his courage, his intelligence, and his willingness to risk death for his country if the experiment should fail!”

For the Periscope Sketch Challenge.  Check for others on the Periscope Tumblr.

Harry You Know Who

Hi, my name is Aaron McConnell and I’m a sketch blog addict.  I should allow myself to do these when all my other work is done for the week, but a little idea for a sketch becomes all consuming.  One odd thing… this drawing sort of turned out to be my Gene Colan tribute sketch.  I did not expect that, and when I got to the inking I definitely had the recently late great master in mind.  

Hubble Transmission

Intergalactic arm wrestling courtesy of the Hubble telescope.  Doing my best to juice the Periscope sketch challenge after a less than stellar opening for Green Lantern.  I guess I’m partly to blame not having seen it, but my dad saw it and liked it.  The orignal art (11×17″) for this piece belongs to him.  Happy Father’s Week, Dad!

Little Mermaid

Disney Princess theme for the Periscope Sketch Challenge this week.  So, that means I get to reveal that the Little Mermaid was almost as big a hit with me as Tim Burton’s Batman back in 1989, though I hid it well at the time.  I hope my fellow studiomates make the time for the sketch this week!  You can can find out if they do by checking the Periscope Tumblr.