The [Dear] Creature Emerges…

Periscope Studio is sketching to the tune of Jonathan Case’s Dear Creature this week.  Want to know more about Dear Creature?  Want to preorder a signed copy of the graphic novel from Jonathan?  Go here!

I met Jonathan Case back in 2006 when I first moved to Portland and attended the Stumptown Comic Fest for the first time. I bought the mini he was selling, which was the first handful of Dear Creature pages (known at the time as Sea Freak), and I’ve watched him develop it with assured persistence over the years at Periscope. His drawing/storytelling skills and his confidence in his work are an inspiration to me. I think people will be blown away when they discover this book.

Here are some preliminary sketches for the piece I’m working on. Tune in tomorrow to see the finished art.

Check the Periscope Tumblr for interpretations of Jonathan’s Dear Creature.

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