Periscope Studio Maiden Voyage


Have you ever heard of the legendary book titled “The Studio?”  I’ve only heard of the book myself and haven’t actually seen it, but it collects artwork by Jeffrey Jones, Michael Kaluta, Barry Windsor Smith and Berni Wrightson into a single volume.  Well, that book made a splash in 1979 and became a legend.  I’m going to put my futurist thinking cap on and boldly compare “The Studio” to Periscope Studio’s Kickstarter project Maiden Voyage.  At the $95 pledge level one receives a hardbound volume collecting artwork by 6 members of Periscope Studio, Portland, Oregon: Benjamin Dewey, David Hahn, Paul Guinan, Ron Randall, Erika Moen, and Natalie Nourigat.  Of course there are lower pledge level alternatives, and higher pledges with tantalizing rewards, but either way I hope you consider a contribution to the Kickstarter.  If Maiden Voyage successfully launches we’ll be able to continue kickstarting artbooks by the other members of the studio (myself included), but it all starts HERE!  Thanks for your consideration!

Trekker in the 21st Century

Ron Randall’s Trekker is the theme of the Periscope Sketch Challenge this week.  I’ve been behind pretty much all month and I haven’t had time to make blog posts, but I had to make time for this sketch.  We’re promoting Ron’s revival of his creator-owned series Trekker, now available in weekly installments at .

For now here’s my tribute to Trekker, let’s call it Trekker in the Sky with Diamond…knee pads.

Fresh from the mailbox…

I made it back from my first ever San Diego Comic Con yesterday, and it was a great experience, and to top it off I don’t think I’m coming down with an illness (a common side effect of attending the show, so I was warned).  I hope to make a post about my experience this week.  In the meantime I can let you know  what I found in my mailbox recently.  The first item of interest is a Scholastic “READ 180: Stage A” comic book that I illustrated last year.  I wish I knew exactly how you can buy this, if you are so inclined, but I can only direct you to the book listing on the Scholastic website.  I think your best bet will be to check Scholastic Book Fairs that come regularly during the school year, or contact Scholastic via the website.  Here’s the webpage.  Click on the tab for Level 2 Paperbacks and scroll to the right.  In the meantime, I’ll give you a preview of the 24 page book.  Written by Sari Wilson, the intended audience is 3rd to 5th grade readers.

And here’s convincing evidence that it’s a real book, one that hands can touch…

The other item of interest is the third and final installment of Anne Steelyard.  I had a small hand in this as the background penciller, the main credits go to writer Barbara Hambly, penciller Ron Randall, inker James Taylor, and colorist Mike Garcia.  Check out Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness Act 3 from Penny Farthing Press!

Backgrounded this week

No Periscope Sketch Challenge drawing from me this week, I’m afraid.  I used up all my spare time doing background work for Ron Randall to fatten the wallet.  Ron has kept me employed over the past few years assisting him on many titles including Outsiders, Batman/Superman, Action Comics, Anne Steelyard, to name a few.  He’s a skilled illustrator who has helped me gain valuable experience drawing mainstream titles.  Not familiar with Ron Randall?  Check out his website!

So, the issue we were working on was Outsiders #40.  Here’s a panel with some sweet rides!  (You’ll have to buy the book to see Ron’s drawings of Batman on this page…and don’t worry, my vehicle titles won’t be included.)

I’m not sure when this will hit the stands, but keep your eyes peeled for some exciting comic book action!  We deliver some thrills and spills in this one, let me tell ya;)

Hello DC Comics

Hey Look!  It’s licensed characters!  How familiar are you with the DOOM Patrol?  I knew of them and liked the character designs, but hadn’t really read many DP comics.  I thought I’d start at the beginning by checking out a DC archive book.  I retrieved volume 4 from the library and really got a kick out of it.  These are zany, wacky comics.  Good stuff, very imaginative, unique characters and situations.  And to boot, the drawings by Bruno Premiani are delightful.   I’m happy someone picked this as a Periscope sketch challenge, and I hope my studiomates get a chance to contribute drawings despite  Stumptown Comics Fest preparations for this coming weekend.  There is sting with this theme, though, and that is the unfortunate news that the current run on Doom Patrol has been cancelled.   Ron Randall was having a good time doing some of the art over the past few months and he was sad to see it go.

I need to site an inspiring reference for two of the poses in this drawing.  I received a wonderful postcard of Bruce Lee and a young apprentice from my sister last week.  As you can see I blatantly swiped it.  Who wouldn’t?