Hello DC Comics

Hey Look!  It’s licensed characters!  How familiar are you with the DOOM Patrol?  I knew of them and liked the character designs, but hadn’t really read many DP comics.  I thought I’d start at the beginning by checking out a DC archive book.  I retrieved volume 4 from the library and really got a kick out of it.  These are zany, wacky comics.  Good stuff, very imaginative, unique characters and situations.  And to boot, the drawings by Bruno Premiani are delightful.   I’m happy someone picked this as a Periscope sketch challenge, and I hope my studiomates get a chance to contribute drawings despite  Stumptown Comics Fest preparations for this coming weekend.  There is sting with this theme, though, and that is the unfortunate news that the current run on Doom Patrol has been cancelled.   Ron Randall was having a good time doing some of the art over the past few months and he was sad to see it go.

I need to site an inspiring reference for two of the poses in this drawing.  I received a wonderful postcard of Bruce Lee and a young apprentice from my sister last week.  As you can see I blatantly swiped it.  Who wouldn’t?

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