Xtreme Xmas: the Penultimate Challenge

For me, Christmas can, at times, feel like an extreme sport.  I did this sketch a little while ago for a kids’ soccer team, The Blue Ice Dynamites!  It seems appropriate now, what with all the snow and ice (not that we have any here in Portland, OR).  In the midst of Christmas preparations and two boys revved up with anticipate for the big day I need to keep my eye on the ball if I want to stay in the game.


Two adventures this week (so far).  I went downhill skiing with my son for his birthday.  He was on a snowboard, and that seems to be the preference based on the SkiBowl crowd up Mt. Hood.  The other adventure was seeing TRON: Legacy last night!  I was fully immersed in the grid.  Loved it!  So here’s a little tribute to those two events.  **This may be the most idyllic drawing I’ve done of myself, possibly ever.  I guess I’m ending 2010 on a positive note.**