Two adventures this week (so far).  I went downhill skiing with my son for his birthday.  He was on a snowboard, and that seems to be the preference based on the SkiBowl crowd up Mt. Hood.  The other adventure was seeing TRON: Legacy last night!  I was fully immersed in the grid.  Loved it!  So here’s a little tribute to those two events.  **This may be the most idyllic drawing I’ve done of myself, possibly ever.  I guess I’m ending 2010 on a positive note.**

2 thoughts on “Self-Indulgence

  1. Awesome Bro!
    Found your blog….the little bubble of a world I live in is expanding!
    I like your positively rendered self-projection…though your thighs are much more svelte than that:)

    Happy New Year!

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