This guy looks familiar doesn’t he?  Well, he may not be who you think he is.  He’s one of the characters in Justin Pierce’s webcomic Wonderella.  This webcomic is a revelation to me.  I only just discovered it through the Periscope sketch challenge, but it’s a fantastic blend of humor, parody, and drama all within the guise of a superhero adventure strip.

In high school, my two favorite movies were The Graduate and Alien, an unusual pairing to say the least.  Admittedly, I have had difficulty reconciling these two in life and art…until now!  I think the playground that Justin Pierce has created with his webcomic is a stroke of genius and I was more than happy to contribute this token of appreciation to his endeavor.

Here’s the full piece of fan art.  Fair warning:  Wonderella uses some strong language in this, but I felt it was necessary to stay true to the character.   She ain’t no withering lily!   Without further delay, please enjoy “Coo-Coo Kachoo, Mrs. Wonderella”…

More Wonderella fan art here: Periscope Tumblr
The original art of Ginormous is available for sale here: Periscope Etsy Store

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