Sexy Jungle Cats for Charity

I’ve got a few things lined up this week that will keep this blog percolating with new content.  A few posts will be appropriate for Halloween … like this one!  Here’s a costume idea for you:  Tigra!  Defender and champion of the Cat People!  I drew this with an alcemical mixture of materials I found around the studio.  Watercolor, gouache, color pencil, ink, and even crayon were combined with a little sexy sorcery to create this 11×17″ piece of original art available on eBay to benefit Bradley Angle–the 1st domestic violence shelter on the entire West Coast.  The auction for this piece begins on ebay and culminates with The Women of Wonder Day on October 30th.  Here’s the link for my piece, but you can find a bevy of beauties available for your consideration here.

My piece doesn’t come with the tiger print frame, or the bowl of fruit, or the chia pet table, but hopefully this helps you imagine a context for this piece if you acquire it with a contribution to the Bradley Angle Foundation.   This upcoming week of blog posts may sound a little like a pledge drive, but hopefully you’ll do me the honor of checking in and I’ll try to keep things interesting with all new artwork and the occasional bonus posts like this:

An excellent costume idea for Fido!

Yours truly,

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